Pointless Programming Reference

The Pointless Programming Reference is a multi-lingual reference that shows tasks and their implementations to help with switching languages.

Corrections/Comments/Ideas are more than welcome and if you'd like to contribute I'd appreciate it, just contact me by email (jack trades public AT gmail DOT com) or leave comments on my blog. This document is still in draft form and anything can change at any time.

Choose from most complete languages...

English (extra descriptions)
Chicken Scheme
Lispy (My simple toy interpreter)

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Alternately you can specify the order of the languages by seperating them with a '|' in the url. Languages are case sensitive!

*** Development Notice 2011-02-19 ***

It is now possible to edit the PLR. Some recently added features (like specifying a username for editing, moving and removing nodes) have been dropped for this release. They will make their way back soon.

An API has been planned, and development is underway, to include the PLR in your own project/site. For more details visit this post.

Recent Changes and History:

2011-02-19 | Editing is now allowed and saved. API comming soon.
2011-02-15 | Editing is now allowed (though temporarily won't be saved, it is capable).
2011-02-09 | Added English language section to give a place for more detailed explanations. 1873 solutions including English.
2011-02-06 | Local version of the PLR is fully functional, everything can be done through browser interface.
2011-02-04 | Rewrite of the PLR is underway. Editing capability will come soon
2011-01-23 | Uploaded first editable version of the PLR to Sourceforge (changes were only saved locally and no version control)
2011-01-10 | Added Javascript to the PLR. ~1,450 solutions in 6 languages.

2010-10-20 | Added Lispy to the PLR. ~1,100 solutions in 5 languages.
2010-08-08 | Added C and some CPP to the PLR. ~900 solutions in 4 languages.

2009-06-18 | Rewrote PLR as a Python server/cgi app using subversion to track changes. 735 solutions in Python and Chicken.

2008-12-29 | First newsgroup post of availability of the PLR. 400 solutions in Python and Chicken.
2008-10-01 | Around this time the first version of the PLR was created as a 2-3 page Google Doc.

The project page isn't used much at the moment. Anything there is likely over a year old.
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